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My Journey as C# Corner MVP (Renewed July 2018 – Jun 2019)

July 1st is Canada Day and I’ve been fortunate to get the official notification earlier today that I’ve been re-awarded for the next year.

Woohoo! It’s a great way to start Canada Day!

2018 First Half of the Year MVPs Announced

C# Corner MVP Renewed


C# Corner MVP 2018

What it means to be a C# Corner MVP?

It is a recognition for contributors on the C# Corner platform – website, forums, chapter events and webinars. It is an appreciation of hard work and contributions by members who make C# Corner a successful community.

Why is it important to me?

C# Corner MVP was the first recognition/award I received since I started contributing to the technical community. This is my second time C# Corner MVP award. It gives a sense of fulfilment that your efforts/contributions are recognized and those don’t go unnoticed. Getting C# Corner MVP award mentally prepared me to take up the challenge to become Microsoft MVP.

Why I got C# Corner MVP award?

C# Corner MVP award is not limited to any technology or a specific domain. It is given to individuals for their contributions on C# Corner platform as well as to those who help spread the awareness about C# Corner by hosting public events either online or in-person.

What’s next?

This award is a boost for me. I will continue to contribute to the C# Corner by articles, videos and forums section with many more C# Corner chapter events and webinars.




Saskatchewan IT Summit 2018


Excited and Happy to share that  I’m speaking at ‘Saskatchewan IT Summit 2018’  Conference on APRIL 30 – MAY 1 at Radisson Hotel Saskatoon -Canada.

I’m speaking on ‘Using PowerBI and Azure Data Warehouse in K-12’

Looking forward to hooked up with great speakers and talk about technologies.

My talk will be at Naples (TECH Stream) on Tuesday, May 1 at 1:15 – 2:15 P.M. 

Saskatchewan IT Summit 2018

Tech Talk Details

Register here

Here is abstract and Room Details :-

Session Abstract

Session Room Details


See You there…