Morning Show: Canadian Microsoft MVP’S unlocking the Full Potential of Azure OpenAI with ChatGPT

In this training module, you will learn the fundamentals of the Azure OpenAI Service, its benefits, and its ease of use. You will also explore the features and capabilities of the service, which include advanced natural language processing, speech recognition, and image recognition. To help you get started, the module provides a demo on the “Largest Rectangle in Histogram” problem. 1. Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service ( 2. 3. Demo on Largest Rectangle in Histogram ( But that’s not all! We have also brought in two experts to give you their valuable insights. Deepak Kaushik, Microsoft Azure MVP, and Rahat Yasir, Microsoft AI MVP, share their expert advice on how to use the Azure OpenAI Service to unleash the full potential of AI in your applications.


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