My Interview at ‘The Voice Of Saskatoon’

On Cold Sunday morning of Feb 10, 2019 at 8 AM, feel like temperature – 30°C 🙂 (outside) , I appeared at ‘The Voice of Saskatoon’ CFCR FM 90.5 .

But it was such a warm welcome by an amazing team of ‘The Voice Of Saskatoon’ !!

It was a Live event on Facebook and Radio and I’m super happy to talk about #Azure #Cloud #Technology # Future Technology changes etc.

I want to thanks both ‘Viewers (Facebook Live)’ and ‘Listerners (Radio)’ for incredible questions and feedback.

I also shared, how I started ‘First C# Corner Chapter’ in Canada and Future/ Upcoming events of Saskatchewan Chapter.

If you are a University or College Student, feel free to connect me for mentoring.

I will also like to grab a coffee with professionals, if they have specific cloud related queries/questions.  

Thanks everyone for such sweet and lovely comments ! Thank you great hosts, it has been such an enriching morning meeting with you folks !

Here is video Recording

Thanks for your time and see you later..


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