Microsoft Ignite | The Tour -Toronto (January 10-11, 2019)

This year I’ll travel the world to deliver presentations focused on building cloud-based apps and adopting/ migration to Azure SQL Data Warehouse for the enterprise.

In addendum, I would love to share the success story of my client, after successfully migration to Azure.

I attended Microsoft Ignite | The Tour -Toronto (January 10-11, 2019) and I would like to thank to everyone for catching me at ‘Meet The Experts’ booth for #azure at #Toronto #MSIgniteTheTour !!

I must say awesome venue, great Q&A, astonishing audience at #MSIgniteTheTour . I hope everyone enjoyed discussion and #Azure #SQL Datawarehouse and #Azure Storage demo.

Indeed this #MSIgniteTheTour was incredible!!

I met so many phenomenal people, friends, MVP’s, Microsoft team! I can’t believe how lucky I am 😊😊!

See you soon at next event. This moment captures the journey from Toronto

#Toronto #msignitethetour #Azure #Microsoft #technology #microsoft #presenter


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